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Invited Talk

Title: "Collaborative System Modeling: Some Recent Developments"

Speaker: Prof. Witold Pedrycz (Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering University of Alberta and Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences)

Prof. Pedrycz

margin  Prof. Witold Pedrycz research interests encompass Computational Intelligence, fuzzy modeling, knowledge discovery and data mining, fuzzy control including fuzzy controllers, pattern recognition, knowledge-based neural networks, granular and relational computing and quantitative Software Engineering. He has published numerous and highly cited papers in these areas and is also an author or co-author of 11 research monographs (source) .

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Date: 17.06.2008 at 10:00

Venue: Conference room D -
The Congress Center in Gliwice (18B Konarskiego Str.)

Organized by:

margin   Center of Excellence AI-METH at Silesian University of Technology

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